If you’re looking for a cosy base with access to Iceland’s most spectacular nature spots and its capital city, then Reykjavik domes are the perfect place for your stay in Iceland! The mountain view domes provide a unique yet comfortable way to immerse yourself in Iceland’s nature, located just a 10-minute drive from Reykjavik.

Where can I stay around Reykjavik?

One of the best accommodation providers in the Reykjavik area is Reykjavik domes, a unique dome experience only 10 minutes away from the capital city.

Enjoy scenic views of Iceland’s iconic nature from the comfort of your king-sized bed, with a burning fireplace to keep you warm. Admire the starry skies, and on a lucky night, you’ll be in the best place to marvel at the northern lights through the large windows, while Mt. Esja snowcapped top towers in the distance to the north. Each dome is equipped with a private hot tub to relax in and get an even better view of the night sky. There’s an abundance of things to do as the site is located in an activity park, offering all kinds of experiences and tours that can be arranged as part of your stay, from glacier hiking, snowmobile tours and a trip to the hot springs in the Blue Lagoon. Book your stay now with Reykjavik Domes for an unforgettable Icelandic experience!

  • The standard dome has a shared WC and showers a few meters away, while the deluxe dome comes with a private bathroom.
  • Shared kitchen with standard, private kitchen with deluxe.
  • All domes come with free wi-fi.
  • There’s an airport shuttle service available at an extra charge.

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