Árbær Open Air Museum in Reykjavik

Are you looking for something unique to do on your next day out in Reykjavik? If so, make sure to visit the Arbaer Open Air Museum. This fantastic facility attempts to demonstrate to its visitors, how Icelandic peoples in the past lived their lives. It showcases a vast array of different architecture and ways of life that would have been synonymous with the area, with a lot of the buildings being transported from Reykjavic town centre.

Where can I find the Arbaer Open Air Museum?

The museum is located in the Arbaer area of Reykjavik, next to the Elliðaá River, and the Elliðaárdalur park. Come visit older times in Reykjavík and meet up with the museum's amazing staff dressed up in 19th-century clothes.

The museum holds regular exhibitions throughout the year, which celebrate different periods of the cities history. These include Vintage car days, Craft days, and Christmas exhibitions. The site was set up by The Reykjavik Society, who were afraid that the old town centre of Reykjavik was disappearing, so they attempted to preserve these buildings for future generations, and to give us an insight into how the city looked. The museum officially opened in 2014 and is now part of the Reykjavik City Museum which incorporated 5 different sites into one museum. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your day off, and visit the Arbaer Open Air Museum!

  • Open 1pm to 5pm, daily from September to May.
  • Open from 10am to 5pm, June to August.
  • Adult admission is 1,800kr.
  • Children go free.

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