The Arctic North – Horse Riding Trail

The arctic north trail is set in a unique part of Iceland with very few people staying there. Most of them stay in fishing villages along the coast this small town is full of sights to remember. The trail will start with seeing the famous Lake Skjálftavatn which one day suddenly appeared after an earthquake 28 years ago when the land had been lowered 4 metres overnight. This is just the start of many wonderful things you will see, the trail is the perfect opportunity for bird watchers to see the most beautiful coloured birds. On one of the days, you will leave the horses to rest and head on a bus to Langanes peninsula, This is well known for its rich birdlife and magnificent nature and rock stacks in the sea.

Why go on The Artic North

The Arctic North trail is a unique thing to do as you enter a small town with around 250 people, you will see what the north of Iceland has to offer and see some of the most beautiful nature trails. Bird life is something that is popular here and you won't get a better chance to get close and personal with the wildlife.

This tour will last 8 days, 7 of which you will be riding on horses exploring only the best of North Iceland. It is advised that only advanced horse riders take part in this tour as it can be long hours in the saddle and difficult paths to coast down, you will spend 7 nights in 7 different locations sharing a bedroom with a fellow explorer. Before saying goodbye to the horses on the last day you will have the chance to see the amazing Ásbyrgi canyon, a horseshoe-shaped canyon. You will have the opportunity to take photographs throughout the whole tour to cherish these special sights.

  • Adult ticket prices from 2490 EUR
  • 8 days, 7 nights long
  • Advanced riders only
  • Small backpack advised as not much luggage space

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The Arctic North – Horse Riding Trail

The arctic north trail is set in a unique part of Iceland with very few people staying there. Most of them stay in fishing villages along the coast this small town is full of sights to ...
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