Visit Bonnybridge – the ‘UFO Capital of Scotland’ in Falkirk

Have you ever seen an Unidentified Flying Object? Perhaps Bonnybridge is your best bet to catch a glimpse of something otherworldly. Bonnybridge is a small town which lies to the north of the Forth and Clyde Canal in the district of Falkirk. It is situated on the Bonny Water, a tributary of the River Carron which runs through the town. The town is infamous for being the ‘UFO Capital of Scotland’, being in the ‘Falkirk Triangle’. With over 300 UFO sightings every year, Bonnybridge is thought to have potentially more UFO sightings than anywhere else in the world.

How do I find out more about the UFO walking trails in Bonnybridge?

If you’re interested in finding out more about the walking trails in and around Bonnybridge, simply follow the link below. You’ll find maps detailing each route and recommended starting points.

One of the best-known alleged sightings occurred in 1992. The story goes, a man named James Walker was driving a car along an isolated country road, when a large, brightly shining orb appeared in front of him, blocking the road. Very quickly, the object took off and disappeared into the sky. Terrified, Walker fled the area as fast as he could. Ever since Walker went public with his sighting, countless other locals have come forward with their own stories of strange experiences. Head on down to Bonnybridge and try out a walking trail. See if you spot anything strange going on…

  • The walking trails in and around Bonnybridge are:
  • Bonnyfield Local Nature Reserve
  • The Bonny Water riverbank
  • Pend to Roughcastle Roman Fort and The Antonine Wall
  • Forth & Clyde canal to The Falkirk Wheel
  • The Doctor’s Pend, The Antonine Wall and Seabegs Wood
  • Drove Loan to Chacefield Wood

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