Mountain Biking in Stirling

Are you looking for an exciting mountain biking fix? Carron Valley in Stirling is perfectly situated to take mountain bikers from Stirling, Glasgow, Falkirk and beyond. Head to the trailhead halfway between Fintry and Denny and follow the winding ascent high up above the valley, where the gorgeous vista of the reservoir stretches towards tough but bikeable hill, Meikle Bin, in one direction and Carron Bridge in the other.

Where can I find Mountain Biking in Stirling?

Take a drive out to the Carron Valley Reservoir and hit the excellent red grade trail.

The climb is tough but rewarding, as the five kilometre red trail is exhilarating. Beginning with a tight, flowing section at Eas Dubh before descending into the viciously quick Cannonball run. Finally, end your ride with a blast down the Runway, a technical but brilliant freeride section consisting of jumps, rock drops, table tops and fast drop ins designed to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Take a break and explore the nearby replica Roman fort, or get straight back up the hill and do it all again!

Mountain Biking Tips

Mountain biking can be tough, so if you’re only just getting into this thrilling activity, here are some tips to get off to a great start:

  • When you’re riding over tough terrain, make sure to keep your body loose, to allow your bike to roll over it. When riding over a rock or a hill, for example, lift up your backside and keep your arms and legs extended out.
  • Keep your eyes forward – if you see a rock, or any other obstacle that you wouldn’t want to crash into, then don’t stare at it. Keep your eyes down the trail and try to rely on your peripheral vision to avoid them.
  • At first, don’t try to explode your way up steep terrain and hills. Ease into the ascent at your own pace, picking up speed if you feel like you’re able.
  • Five kilometres of mountain bike trails
  • Walking paths around the reservoir
  • £3 parking for the whole day
  • Check out the video below for some awesome footage of riding in the Carron Valley!

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