Visit the Chase Distillery in Herefordshire

If your keen to find out the secrets to making award winning gin and vodka then don’t look any further than the beautiful Chase Distillery in Herefordshire! They use traditional methods and ingredients from their own farm to get their brilliant and unique taste and you can learn about how they make it and even get a taste when you come on a tour of their distillery!

Where is the Chase Distillery?

Situated in the heart of Herefordshire countryside is the award winning Chase Distillery which has tours to teach you insight on the secrets to making brilliant vodka and gin!

The tours take 1-2 hours and you won’t be left bored on your trip round the family run farm and distillery. They will show you techniques used, take you through the entire distilling process and answer any questions you might have about their spirits! You will even get a couple glasses of the their perfect serve gin and tonics and a lesson in gin tasting so you can impress your friends when your back at home! The tour ends at their shop so you can take home some of their brilliant spirits to remember your visit by!

  • Opening times
    • 10am to 5pm
  • Book online and check their calendar for availability
  • Over 18s only
  • Tours are £20 pp


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