Looking for a family-friendly activity for the day? World Horse Welfare are an international charity that loves and cares for horses, with farms in Aberdeenshire, Lancashire, Somerset and Norfolk. Belwade Farm in Aboyne has over 60 horses at any given time that staff care for and that you can visit.

Why visit Belwade farm?

To spend time with these amazing animals and support a local charity.

Around the farm, you can enjoy some pleasant nature walks with some short strolls or even as long as five miles that will take you through the local woods and also down by the river dee. Once you have had a stroll around the farm and woods you can go back and have a bite to eat in their bistro. Belwade Farm can also cater specifically for children’s parties where the kids will get a chance to meet the horses and ponies and also have a lovely lunch.

  • Wheelchair access
  • Dog Friendly
  • Indoor Stables
  • Opening times 11 am – 4 pm Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Prices – £3 for adults and children 5-17, under 5s go free

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