Axe Throwing on the Isle of Skye

Are you visiting the Isle of Skye and looking for something different to try? Why not tap into your inner Viking and have a go at axe throwing? Visit with a group of friends or family and see who can hit the most bullseyes!

Why should I go axe throwing in Skye?

Visitors can enjoy a one-hour-long fully instructed traditional axe throwing experience on Skye and throw from the new purpose-built shelter so there is no need to get wet!

Visitors that are ready for axe throwing can expect the signature A.C.E experience! The brand new purpose-built shelter was created to encourage all axe throwers, from novices to veterans, to get into the spirit of axe throwing! This activity is perfect for an Isle of Skye adventure with a twist!

When starting off, visitors will begin with the one-handed tomahawks and take aim at a playing card to try and earn their place in the hall of fame! Each visitor will be under the guidance of a KATTA UK-trained instructor to help nail those targets!

This activity is completely exclusive, meaning visitors will not have to share the range with other groups of participants!

  • 8 Years and above
  • Minimum group size of 2
  • Maximum group size of 6
  • £25 per person
  • Appropriate clothing is recommended

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