Biggar Little Cinema in Lanarkshire

In the small town of Biggar there is a lot on offer. A lot of events happen at the Biggar Corn Exchange from plays to theatre groups and workshops. One of the most unique things on offer at the Biggar Corn Exchange is the Biggar Little Cinema.

Where can I enjoy a movie with my family in Lanarkshire|?

Enjoy a great evening watching your favourite film with high-definition Dolby stereo speakers to fully immerse yourself in the adventures to come!

Biggar Little Cinema was founded in February 2011, and is run as a community cinema on a non-profit basis by members of Biggar Rotary.You will enjoy a huge variety of movies that is close to the rural area. The viewing is on Fridays and Saturdays which was voted to be the most popular times by the public. The first film, shown was ‘Hope and Glory’ which won 5 awards internationally.

You will me very comfortable and cosy with the style of seating and atmosphere, there is also a full bar available for everyone to enjoy not to forget the lounge area that gives people the opportunity to relax and chat with friends and family. Head to Biggar Little Cinema and enjoy movies like The Kings Speech, Black swan or the famous Lion King.  There is always something for the whole family and age so book today and don’t miss out!

  • Experience Global-Award winning films like The Father and West Side Story
  • Engulf yourself in fantastic journeys with high-definition Dolby stereo speakers for more immersion
  • Prices start at £7

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