Castle Hill in Symington

Symington is a small town that is near Biggar and is often overlooked when visiting Lanarkshire. This shouldn’t be done as Symington has so many beautiful places to visit and walks to do One of the main places in Symington you have to visit is Castle Hill. This amazing forest/woodland area is a beautiful place to go on dog walks, go camping and just visit.

where can we go walking in Lanarkshire?

Visit Castle Hill in Symington for an amazing woodland walk

The forest area is called castle hill because there used to be a castle in the area but that is no longer so. The castle was destroyed years ago and basically none of it still exists. The trees and forest have formed around this castle wreckage to create a forest like no other.

  • features two tree swings
  • see wildlife from unique birds and sometimes foxes
  • Open all the time!

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