Youth Theatre Group at the Corn Exchange in Biggar

Every Tuesday from 7 till 9 at the Biggar Corn Exchange it’s time to be a bit dramatic. The Corn Exchange Young Performers or “CXYP” for short is a drama group that is open to any young person from ages 12-18. In this group you do a variety of things from drama games like “park bench” to creating short improvised plays in one night.

Usually the CXYP group are working on a group project like a show or a showcase and usually take part in the local panto every year. The group is focussed on inclusivity as well, so don’t worry if you have a bit of stage fright as there will always be something for you to do behind the scenes like making props or helping out with the technical side like lighting and sound. Often the shows that CXYP are made from the ideas that the entire group comes up with and give the performers a lot of creative control. Since Biggar High School dosen’t have a drama department this is a perfect group for aspiring actors and theatre kids who miss out on this creative subject.

Where can I find a theatre group for young people in Biggar

Become a part of CXYP, a local theatre group located in Biggar focussed on teaching young people drama skills.

In the summer the CXYP group also run a “play in 3 days” challenge in which the performers are challenged with making a play within a very short period of time. This play is then performed in on 3rd day after a lot of work. The 3 day challenge can be quite intense but is usually a lot of fun and is a great way for kids to learn time management skills and express their creativity.

  • acting group located in Biggar
  • create fully realised shows with your peers and experience what it’s like to be on stage
  • Open every Tuesday from 7 till 9

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