Head to Crindle stables where you can enjoy an amazing time horse riding. You can choose from ponies to horses the choice is yours. Learn how to ride a hors in a safe learning environment there are a huge range of horses and ponies to suit all ages and needs. You can book lessons and groups such as the Pony camp lesson for younger children and also larger horses for adult riding lessons.

Where can my children enjoy pony riding as a beginner in County Londonderry?

At Crindle stables children will have a wonderful experience. They will be introduced to the pony and learn how to ride; they will not want to leave.

Have a great adventure riding along lanes and trails with the Lough Foyle Horse Riding Experience or enjoy the amazing Beach Rides and get behind the scenes by the hands-on tour where you will learn how to groom a horse and put the saddle on. There is also a Game of Thrones Beach Ride theme, you will ride along the location where it was filmed as you lose yourself in the characters. This is a must for fans. If you want something for the whole family then why not try the Family Adventure Package. You will enjoy mini games, lessons and an amazing hands-on experience for all ages. Meet the ponies and horses chose your area and mount up learn the basics then enjoy an amazing pony game where you will Trott around cones jumping over obstacles. This is an experience of a lifetime.


  • Open from 9am – 5pm. Closed Sunday
  • Experience Pony riding from the best professionals!
  • Join in a group and go out on Adventures!






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