Visit Inishowen Maritime Museum & Planetarium in Donegal

Journey 80 million years back in time to an age when mighty file11128dinosaurs dominated the land – and an equally astonishing assortment of ferocious creatures swarm, hunted and fought for survival beneath the vast, mysterious prehistoric seas. Stunning, photo-realistic imagery re-creates the perilous underwater realm of two young, dolphin-sized marine reptiles called Dolichorhynchops, or Dollies, and follows their incredible journey through waters ruled by some of the most awesome predators ever to prowl the Earth’s oceans.

What are the opening times?

The museum is open weekdays, Mondays through to Fridays, from 10:30 to 16:00. Unfortunately, the museum is closed at weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

The vastness of our planet’s oceans guards unimaginable secrets. One of its most precious is Kaluoka ‘hina, the enchanted reef whose magic protects it against humans finding it. Kaluoka’hina’s colorful inhabitants live in peace until the volcano erupts, and the spell is broken. Now it’s up to Jake, the young sawfish, and his paranoid pal, Shorty, to restore the magic of Kaluoka’hina. Their only lead: the ancient legend that tells of touching the Moon.

  • Adult:
    • Museum Admission – €6.00
    • Museum & Show Admission Combined – €12.00
  • Children:
    • Museum –  €4.00
    • Museum & Show Admission Combined – €8.00
  • Senior Citizens:
    • Museum Admission – €5.00
    • Museum & Show Admission Combined – €10.00
  • Students:
    • Museum Admission – €5.00
    • Museum & Show Admission Combined – €10.00

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