Dawyck Botanic Gardens in the Scottish Borders

Want to feel that little bit closer to nature? Why not come and explore Dawyck Botanic Garden and discover everything it has to offer!

The Dawyck Botanic Garden is a 5 star Garden that is well known for its large variety of beautiful seasonal displays. Located up in the hills of the Scottish Borders, the Garden consists of a 65-acre piece of land that welcomes warm, dry summers as well as cold, snowy winters. Here you can find different plants from every corner of the globe, varying in flora from mountainous regions across Europe, Asia, and North America that are thriving.

Why visit the Dawyck Botanical Gardens in the Scottish Borders?

Dawyck Botanic Garden offers multiple different woodland and burnside walking trails, where visitors can follow in the footsteps of plant explorers such as David Douglas, whom the Douglas fir is named after.

What makes these Gardens interesting is the fact that many of the plants found in Dawyck Botanic Garden are the very first examples of certain plant species that were collected and brought into Scotland. The Garden acts as a sanctuary for these plants, not just for conservation but also for the study of the different plant species. Most importantly, these Gardens are a place of wonder to be enjoyed by everyone that visits.

Garden features include:

  • Heritage Trees
  • Azalea Terrace
  • Heron Wood Reserve
  • Snowdrops

For information about the accessibility and the Garden’s facilities please visit the website for details.

  • Gift aid admission from £6.75
  • Donation free admission from £5.85
  • Partners of the Silent Space Scheme
  • Located near the village of Stobo, in the Scottish Borders

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