Escape Rooms in York

Do you want to be the next Sherlock Holmes? Or maybe you just want a fun experience to have with family or friends? Why not head down to Can you Escape? York and battle against the clock in an immersive experience that will be sure to put your quick thinking skills to the test.

Where can I do Escape Rooms in York?

Head down to Micklegate in York, just half a mile from York Station, and try your luck at cracking the mysteries.

Locked in a room, you and your friends will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, and cryptic clues and overcome physical challenges to finally secure your escape. This would be the perfect activity to add to your stack whether you’re celebrating a birthday or simply seeking a little competition. There are 3 different rooms to choose from at varying difficulty – put your physical skill to the test and rescue the ‘Force Four’ superheroes from the evil Mobius with Operation H.E.R.O, or solve mysteries to save York’s memories from Dr Mind in Operation Lone Eagle Mind.

  • Players can range from 2-17.
  • Prices range depending on the number of players – 2 people will cost £45, 3 people £55 all the way up to 17 at £230.
  • Duration is up to 60 minutes.
  • Can you Escape? Have another venue in Edinburgh at Holyrood road.

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