Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre in Dumfries and Galloway

Why not visit the Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and Centre for World Peace and Health and go on a journey to experience what life is like in the Buddhist culture for those who call it their home. Founded in 1967, the Samye Ling was the first Tibetan Buddhist Centre to be established in the Western world and was named after the very first monetary to be established in Tibet, Samye.

What is Samye Ling?

Samye Ling is home to a community of over 60 people, consisting of both monastic and lay volunteers. 

It isn’t a requirement to be Buddhist to live in the monastery but residents are expected to follow 5 golden rules:

  1. To protect life and refrain from killing
  2. To respect other’s property and refrain from stealing
  3. To speak the truth and refrain from lying
  4. To embrace health and refrain from intoxicants
  5. To respect others and refrain from harmful sexual activity

Of course, you don’t have to live on the grounds to enjoy everything the Samye Ling has to offer! Samye Ling is open all year round for visiting and other activities. The most popular of which is the variety of different tours visitors can enjoy. Guided tours may be booked on weekdays and should be arranged in advance. As these tours are predominantly booked by groups, for educational purposes, it is not possible to show up and join a tour, so booking in advance is essential!

In order to book a tour of the Samye Ling, please contact [email protected].

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