The Moffat Toffee Shop

If you have a sweetooth their is one place in Moffat you obviously have to go to – The Moffat Toffee Shop!

Established over 125 years ago this toffee and sweet store has been around for ages and they’ve stuck around because of the high quality of their confectionary. Their homemade toffee is an obvious highlight of their sweet treats. It’s buttery, sugary and absolutely scrumptious. Try different flavours of toffee such as Nutty, Minty and Salted Caramel.

Where can we get sweets and toffee in Moffat?

Visit The Moffat Toffee Store - an amazing old school sweet shop

If you aren’t in the mood for toffee The Moffat Toffee Store offers more treats too. Try their handmade chocolates or if you’re an Adult maybe try some of the alcohol they have on offer. Theirs something for everyone at The Moffat Toffee Store

  • Old school sweet shop
  • Try their sweet boxes for a collection of sweet treats
  • Open 10am–4pm


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