Lothlorien Antique & Collectables Emporium in Moffat

Lothlorien Antiques and Collectables is named after “Lothlorien” which if you are unaware is a location in the fictional universe of Lord Of the Rings. This points towards the fact that Lothlorien Antiques and Collectables features a lot of collectables and toys from different slightly geeky franchises. One of the places big draws is the Star Trek costume collection and that’s because they have costumes that where actually featured on Star Trek. Trekkies will actually get a lot out of this place as they not only have that costume collection but many pieces of Star Trek memorabilia from posters.

What can we do in Moffat?

Visit Lothlorien Antiques in Moffat to see old antiqes and toys!

This place isn’t only for Trekkies however they have a wide range of toys from many pop culture franchises including Star Wars, Doctor Who and old cartoons. They also have many historical antiques including a wig from the 20’s entirely made out of feathers. They also have pins and medals from WW1 and 2!

  • Antiques and collectibles from many different eras
  • Some antiques are available to buy!
  • Open 10am – 4pm

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