Experience the fun again with Lego all those years later with Bricks McGee on a creative Lego workshop! The workshops are a great way of introducing fun, creativity, and critical thinking into your venue, whether it’s a museum, library school, corporate / team-building events, or another cultural venue, creative workshops range from Town Planner: plan your dream LEGO city, creating a collaborative utopia. Green Fingers: build the ultimate LEGO garden, from plants to wildlife! Spaceships! Create a moonbase and explore the galaxy. Just to name a few!

What creative workshops can I do in Leicester ?

Unleash your creative side on a very creative Lego building workshop with Bricks McGee, Lego workshops can be done in any group size and anywhere around the UK!

Lego is a great, versatile tool to encourage engagement with a wide range of age groups, from children to adults, Lego workshops make use of this tactile appeal to participants of all ages, and can be used at venues of almost any size, and is adapted to most visitor numbers.

  • Workshops can be done anywhere in the UK – get in touch via email for details
  • Great for team building, community events, and corporate events
  • Enquire for price
  • Must book online
  • Over 6 creative Lego workshops to choose from

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