The National Space Centre, nestled in the heart of Leicester, Central England, offers a captivating journey through the cosmos for visitors of all ages. This iconic attraction stands as a beacon of space exploration and astronomy within the Midlands, providing an educational yet thoroughly entertaining experience. From interactive exhibits to awe-inspiring planetarium shows, the National Space Centre is designed to ignite curiosity and inspire future generations of scientists and astronauts.

Welcome to the universe

Upon entering the National Space Centre, guests are greeted by the stunning Rocket Tower. Housing real rockets and space artifacts, this part of the centre immediately transports visitors into the realm of space exploration. The exhibitions within offer a chronological journey through human endeavors in space, including both triumphs and challenges. It’s not just about looking; many exhibits are hands-on, allowing guests to experience what it’s like to drive a Mars rover or live on the International Space Station.

What makes Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium at National Space Centre unique?

The Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium is one of UK's largest planetariums offering immersive shows that combine stunning visuals with educational content making astronomical concepts accessible.

A journey through time and space

The Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium is another highlight of the National Space Centre. As one of the largest planetariums in the UK, it offers an immersive experience that takes visitors on a voyage across the universe. From exploring distant galaxies to witnessing the birth of stars, each show combines stunning visuals with educational content that makes complex astronomical concepts accessible to all ages.

Educational programs and events

The National Space Centre is not only a place for individual exploration but also serves as an educational hub for schools and groups. With tailored workshops and interactive sessions designed to align with national curriculum standards, students can engage in hands-on learning experiences that complement their classroom studies. Additionally, throughout the year, special events bring experts from various fields of space exploration to share their knowledge and experiences with visitors.

Exploring further

Beyond its permanent exhibits, the National Space Centre continually updates its offerings with temporary exhibitions focusing on current topics in astronomy and space science. These limited-time displays provide fresh reasons for repeat visits, ensuring there’s always something new to discover. Furthermore, its location in Leicester makes it an ideal starting point for exploring other attractions in Central England and the Midlands.

Visitor information

Planning your visit to the National Space Centre is straightforward. It’s open throughout most of the year except for select holidays. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door; however, booking online often comes with discounts or special packages that include planetarium shows. The centre also features amenities such as a café offering light meals and refreshments and a gift shop where you can find unique souvenirs related to space exploration.


  • Rocket Tower housing real rockets
  • Interactive exhibits simulating Mars rover driving
  • Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium – one of UK’s largest
  • Educational programs aligned with national curriculum standards
  • Temporary exhibitions on current astronomy topics

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