Prison Themed Cocktail Bar in London

Looking for somewhere fun and new to go for a drink in London? If you are a lover of cocktails then look no further as Cell Block Two – One – Two have you covered, But there is a twist. This is no ordinary cocktail bar, The bar is themed after the famous prison Alcatraz.

Where can I find a fun place to go drinking with my friends in London?

At Alcotraz the Prison Cocktail Bar is located on Brick Lane.

Upon arrival, you will be kitted with your very own prison jumpsuit and will be escorted by the guards to your cell where you will be locked in with your friends. Once you are seated you will be served a drink as it is a prison, if you are feeling brave enough you can try and smuggle in some liquor. Every night the mixologist will deliver a range of tailored cocktails based on the drinks you bring and your taste. As it is a themed event this is a great activity for events such as stag and hen dos.

  • Unique themed activity
  • Ages 18+
  • Prices £35.99 + per person.


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