Ride Horses on the edge of the beautiful Iceland highlands

Funstackers come and relate with nature, relax and center yourself while developing a bond with your horse and fellow riders, whilst seeing the splendour of Iceland’s Highlands.

Cover an extraordinarily fascinating highlands area on horseback flanked by beautiful landscapes in an amazing adventure, even crossing the river Kálfá if you wish! Steinsholt is located close to the edge of the Highlands of Iceland and here you can enjoy the surreal Icelandic nature with your beautiful Icelandic noble steed. A truly wonderful way to explore another alluring corner of Iceland.

Where is the meeting place?

You need to head out to Steinsholt farm postcode is written below and provided on the map.

The wonderful family who offer this amazing experience do this alongside running their Steinsholt farm. They cater for tourists in search of horse riding, lodging and hiking, amongst other things. They hold themselves to high levels of service and always try to make your experience fun and relaxing with them. Steinsholt is a small firm by choice so that you get a more personal hands on experience with them.

They are proper animal lovers, training horses for many many years – “longer than they can remember” – they say. They love to go on long treks with you and their lovely horses, as they never get bored of meeting new lovely people and the beautiful highland scenery of Iceland.

  • Offer shorter horse riding tours, with duration from 1 – 3 hours.
  • Or Day Tours that take 4 – 5 hours
  • Considered a Horse rental company
  • Book by contacting them on (provided contact details below)
  • Best if you contact them well in advance
  • Emphasis is on Great Service for you the guest
  • Must be below 110kg
  • They prefer to take smaller groups so they can better cater to individuals needs

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