Skalholt Cathedral in Selfoss

Calling all history buffs! Make sure to visit the famous Skalholt Cathedral in Selfoss. This is one of the most historical and culturally significant sites in all of Iceland. It is a religious site and area of learning that was often regarded as a pilgrimage for Icelanders, for over 700 years. Nowadays, the area is a fantastic centre, filled with restaurants, and art exhibitions.

Where can I find the Skalholt Cathedral?

The facility is located near the town of Selfoss, near the Olfusa river.

The facility is also home to the Summer Music Festival, which started in 1975. This is held at the church, because of its fantastic atmosphere and acoustics. Along with all of this, the facility is home to regular exhibitions, seminars and interesting events. There is also accommodation at the facility, where visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to carry out a modern pilgrimage of their own. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your next day off in Iceland, and make a pilgrimage that once entertained the ancestors of these culturally rich people!

  • Resteraunts.
  • Wheelchair access.
  • Accommodation.
  • Open all year round.

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