Are you looking for something and exciting to get to try? Maverix is ready to give you the ultimate snowboarding experience where you book with them and go to selected locations to receive snowboarding coaching from experienced riders. they have a wide range of snowboarding activities to teach you and for you to try and enjoy. Whether you are an advanced snowboarder or someone looking to try it out and get coaching lessons they are there for you.

Where can I go snowboarding near Luton?

Maverix have a great indoor facility to try snowboarding and provide lessons and lots of fun!

There are many locations that Maverix can take you to that have the perfect setup for you to practice different types of snowboarding. Practice your ability to cruise and casual snowboard around terrain to get a better feel for your board, this will help you with your movement and comfort. You can also practice your flatland freestyle where you are open to practising your movements on the board any way you see fit. Lastly, if you are feeling confident on your board you can try out their freestyling section which is more aimed at tricks such as riding snow ramps and rails.

  • Prices from £99 per person
  • Discounts available for multiple person bookings
  • Group sizes of 1-4 participants
  • Located 3 miles outside of Luton
  • Several locations available abroad
  • Must be booked over the phone or online

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