The Endeavour Experience at Whitby

Learn about the famous Captain Cook and his great explorations on the only full-scale replica of his iconic ship, The HM Bark Endeavour. Take a journey through time and learn about the realities of living on a ship like this 250 years ago. Throughout your exploration of the ship, you’ll learn about Cook, the ship’s security, knots, the surgeon and much more!

What is there to do in Whitby?

The Endeavour Experience provides a great opportunity to learn about life on the sea 250 years ago. It is also one of the only full-size replicas of the iconic HM Bark Endeavour and so is a very unique experience.

It’s not difficult to find with its 30ft masts and impressive size in the harbour. Also, there are great photo opportunities to get the kids at the wheel of the ship!

  • Tickets – £5 per adult, £1.50 for kids under 16

Some facts about the HMS Endeavour

  • The HMS Endeavour was the ship that Lieutenant Cook sailed to become the first European to discover Australia and New Zealand in 1770.
  • The HMS Endeavour sunk in 1778 off Rhode Island and its wreck has never been found despite recent efforts. Some relics have been discovered though, such as some of its cannons and its anchor and they are displayed in museums around the world.
  • After being decommissioned it was used as a troop transport in the American Revolutionary War which ultimately led to its demise.
  • Captain Cook died only months after the ships sank whilst attempting to kidnap the ruling chief of Hawaii.

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