Eskape Whitby – 2 puzzle filled Escape rooms in Whitby!

While in the historic and beautiful town of Whitby visit Eskape Puzzle Rooms for 2 intriguing escape rooms that are so mysterious they feel like something straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. They offer 2 Eskape rooms that are as follows:

  1. The Night Watchman – a detective-themed escape room which Eskape Puzzle Rooms website describes the plot as: “These are dark times on the docks, poverty and disease are rife, thieves lurk in the shadows, but a greater threat than crime or pestilence is filling the residents of Whitby with dread. A spate of disappearances has led to a warehouse containing a dark secret…perhaps the night watchman might provide some insight. As the top detectives in Yorkshire, you have been called in to solve the case. Can you solve the mystery before your time runs out?”

Is there an Escape Room in Whitby?

Visit Eskape Puzzle Rooms in Whitby for some escape room fun!
  1. The ‘Mundane’  Legacy – another mysterious escape room with a plot that goes as follows “Winnifred Mundane is the much loved if slightly eccentric matriarch of the Mundane family. Shortly after hearing the news of her passing, you receive a letter from your Great Aunt Winny. Having read the letter a few times now, you realise she has left you a secret message asking one last favour of you.”

If either of these sounds intriguing or you’re just a fan of escape rooms in general, head on down to Eskape puzzle rooms in Whitby!

  •  Ticket prices are as follows: for a team of 2 it’s £22.50 per person for a Team of 3 it’s £20.00 per person for a Team of 4 it’s £18.00 per person for a Team of 5 it’s £16.00 per person and for a Team of 6 it’s £15.00 per person

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