Looking for a fun and free way to explore the ancient city of York? Why not try the Lucky Cat Trail! The Lucky Cat Trail offers newcomers and visitors (or people just looking to see York from a different perspective) the chance to explore the beautiful cobbled streets of York’s city centre via a fun game!

Where can we book tickets for the Lucky Cat Tour?

No tickets are needed! It's absolutely free.

Cats have been intertwined with York’s detailed history for a very long time – the statues were originally created to scare off disease-ridden rats which at this time in history could have been infected with the plague, so they were doing a very important job. They were also believed to bring good luck/good health and protect against any sinister evil forces lurking around.

These fascinating cat statues have been placed on houses and buildings in York for around two centuries, although some have been taken down to protect them from the harsh elements. Just start the trail outside of York Glass (home to the glass lucky cats) and away you go! You can download an information leaflet about the trail online from their website or pick one up in person in the York Lucky Cats shop.

  • Entry is free
  • Open daily all year round

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