The Mousetrap – Arcade themed bar with Pinball machines and Arcade cabinets!

feeling nostalgic? wanna play some old-school games while enjoying a nice cocktail? Well, visit The Mousetrap in Leith! The Mousetrap is a bar with an arcade, a ‘barcade’ if you will featuring two pinball machines and 3 rocking arcade cabinets. The Mousetrap goes above and beyond with its immaculate theming with wall tapestries themed around such games as Tetris and Super Mario and also features tons of pop culture references. The bar is colourful, well themed and has the real late 90s or early 2000s feel. The place has an almost home-like vibe as well with comfy couches set around the arcade section with amazing mood lighting.

Is there an arcade bar in Edinburgh?

Yes, The Mousetrap in Leith!
  • The Mousetrap is a themed bar offering food and drink and alcoholic beverages
  • The Mousetrap has the 3 arcade cabinets and  2 pinball machines
  • The Mousetrap is open 4 pm – 12 am on weekdays and 2 pm – 1 am on weekends
  • Live DJ sets and acoustic nights also happen fairly regularly check their Facebook for more info on when they are happening
  • This bar is also dog friendly!

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