The Old Man of Hoy

The Old Man of Hoy is a well known 450-foot sea stack. It’s perhaps Orkney’s most famous landmark. It was carved by the continuous contact with the sea and wind to create it’s a unique shape. Allow 3 hours for the round trip walk from Rackwick to the Old Man of Hoy. Please take note that the walk follows a rough track and is demanding.  The Old Man can also be seen from the daily Scrabster-Stromness ferry route. Some people have even schedule

Where can I find the Old Man of Hoy?

Experience a bit of history on a walking tour of the UK’s tallest sea stack in Hoy!

Rising out of the Atlantic Ocean to a height of 450 feet (137m), The Old Man of Hoy is the UK’s tallest sea stack. Separated from land by the erosive powers of sea and wind the stack was originally an arch with two “legs”, hence its name, however, a severe storm literally washed away one of the legs leaving the single pillar. There is already a large crack running down from the top of the stack and many Geologists believe that one day the Old Man will collapse into the sea.

  • Entry 24/7
  • Accomdation is avaalbe
  • Duration walk takes around 3 hours
  • Hoy island guides

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