Fly a Tiger Moth Plane in Cambridge

Fly a Tiger Moth Plane in Cambridge

Ever dreamt of piloting your own plane? Want to make your dreams come true? At Air Experiences in Essex, they are offering you the chance to experience hands-on flying of a Tiger Moth aircraft! And make the experience even more memorable by inviting your friends and family to come to watch you in the air and take some priceless action photos. 

Where can I fly a Tiger Moth plane in Cambridgeshire?

You will be in safe hands with a qualified CAA instructor there to guide your experience while you fly the plane.

The price of Air Experiences’ will vary depending on how long a session you wish to book with the longest flight time being 40 minutes. You can expect a pre-flight briefing upon arrival which will let you know everything you need to before getting up in the air. Along with flying the plane, you will get an open cockpit experience and a chance to ask as many questions as you want to their knowledgeable instructors about flying planes! Refreshments will also be provided for you of course as you are the pilot after all! So add this to your Stack and get ready for take-off.

  • Activity duration between 15 and 40 minutes depending on type of booking
  • Prices from £169 to £299
  • Spectators are allowed to watch free of charge
  • Ask questions to a qualified Tiger Moth Instructor
  • Located 11 miles outside of Cambridge

Air Experiences

Duxford Airfield
CB22 4QJ
Phone: 01789 576010