Things to do in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire, a county in the East of England, is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. The county is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, established in 1209, which has contributed significantly to the area’s intellectual and architectural landscape. The River Cam flows through the city of Cambridge, providing picturesque views and opportunities for punting, a popular local activity.

Beyond Cambridge itself, Cambridgeshire boasts a variety of attractions ranging from serene countryside and quaint villages to historic sites and modern amenities. Ely Cathedral, with its impressive Norman architecture, and the Imperial War Museum Duxford are highlights. The county’s diverse landscapes offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities like walking and cycling, making it a versatile destination for visitors.

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  • University of Cambridge: Explore one of the world’s oldest universities and marvel at its beautiful colleges. A guided tour offers insights into its history and achievements.
  • Punting on the River Cam: Experience Cambridge from a different perspective by punting along the River Cam. It’s a quintessential activity that provides unique views of the university colleges.
  • Ely Cathedral: Known as the ‘Ship of the Fens’, this magnificent cathedral features stunning Gothic architecture and offers panoramic views from its tower.
  • Imperial War Museum Duxford: Explore one of Europe’s leading aviation museums, showcasing an impressive collection of aircrafts and military vehicles.
  • Wicken Fen Nature Reserve: Enjoy nature walks at one of Britain’s oldest nature reserves, home to an array of wildlife including ponies, otters, and birds.
  • Kettle’s Yard: Visit this unique art gallery housed in a former home with a collection that blends art objects with natural light and space.
  • Fitzwilliam Museum: Admire vast collections of art and antiquities spanning centuries at this museum affiliated with the University of Cambridge.
  • Cambridge University Botanic Garden: Discover plants from all over the world in this 40-acre garden that serves as both a research site and a place of beauty.
  • Newmarket Racecourses: Experience the thrill of horse racing at this historic venue known as the birthplace of thoroughbred racing.
  • The Stained Glass Museum: Located in Ely Cathedral’s triforium level, explore an exquisite collection dedicated to stained glass art from medieval times to present day.
  • Anglesey Abbey: Wander through this grand country house set within extensive gardens famous for their seasonal displays including snowdrops in winter.
  • Oliver Cromwell’s House: Step back into history by visiting Oliver Cromwell’s family home which now serves as a museum depicting life during his time as Lord Protector.