Vue Cinema in Livingston

Vue Entertainment (Vue) is a leader in the premium entertainment cinema sector in the UK.

Committed to continued growth and development of its premium entertainment ‘big screen’ experience, Vue delivers the best choice of content, combined with the best technology in the best environment.

Where can I find the best screening experinece?

At Vue, nothing compares to a full-fledged big-screen experience delivered at its best, with proper tuning to the seats, screen, and superb sound.

With Vue IMAX, you can truly immerse yourself in the large-screen experience. Every detail of our IMAX screenings is intended to immerse you in the storey. IMAX takes you into a new universe with ear-tingling sounds, massive displays, and unparallel images, sending you on a trip like nothing else.

Our IMAX displays employ technology to accentuate every dramatic element, from laser-aligned audio positioning to state-of-the-art projection. Laugh more, leap higher, and feel more. Every heartbeat will be amplified by Vue IMAX, creating an unforgettable large-screen experience.


  • Sit back and enjoy the ‘VUE’ with the stadium-style seating. Designed professionally to be cosy and comfortable forever.


  • The Recliner is your passport to the ultimate big screen experience,  the ideal seat for full-focus, full-comfort entertainment. As cushioned leather develops around you, sit back and relax. Put your feet up and recline back with a push of a button – all the way back – until you discover your ideal viewing angle.


  • Audio that makes your heart race. Screens that are enormous. Images that are awe-inspiring. The combination of IMAX’s cutting-edge technology and cinema design creates an experience so immersive that you’ll forget you’re in a theatre. Every aspect of our IMAX displays is planned and intended to produce the most intense big screen experience ever, from the laser-aligned audio positioning to the hyper-lifelike 3D projection.


  • From floor-shaking cannon fire and roaring explosions to speeches that changed the course of history, we believe that the best entertainment deserves the best sound. Dolby Atmos places you in the centre of the sound, making the action and drama more realistic than ever.

Past, future, present, fantasy! Travel wherever you desire at the VUE Cinema.

£5 per ticket for ANY age and ANY screening.

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