Axe Throwing in Hafnarfjörður
Axe Throwing in Hafnarfjörður

Axe Throwing in Hafnarfjörður

Bored of casual group activities such as crazy golf and go-karting? Try something new that will get the blood pumping in a game of axe throwing!

What group activates can I do in Hafnarfjörður ?

Berserkir axarkast is the first axe throwing range in Iceland, which opened in May 2018. they offer a thrilling axe throwing activity perfect for a group day out!

The new thrilling activity of axe throwing is extremely competitive and requires key skills to come out on top such as concentration and steadying your aim – the aim of the game is to hit as many targets as possible, and no past experience is required if you are struggling, as a professional instructor will assist you.

Axe Throwing Tips

Here are some tips to have you throwing your axe like an expert:

  • Watch your throwing position – if you’re a beginner, bring the axe directly over your head like you would throw a ball. Relax your grip a little, bring your arms forward and then release at eye level.
  • If the top of the axe hits the board, then you’ve over-rotated and you should take a half a step closer. If the handle of the axe hits the board, this means you’ve under-rotated and you should take half a step back.
  • Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed – tensing your shoulders or shrugging may result in an awkward or inaccurate throw.

Berserkir Axarkast can accommodate any occasion – birthday parties, team building and group day outs! Can you hit all the targets?

  • Price; 3.900kr per person- 1 hour-2 hour
  • 30 minutes  session is 2.500kr per person(1-3 players)
  • Duration; 1 hour(3-7 players) – 2 hour(7-24 players)
  • 10% discount for groups 10 persons or more
  • Berserkir Axarkast have two axe throwing areas one indoors and one outdoors

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