Can you climb to the top of Tinto Hill?

A great little hill with commanding views of the Clyde Valley and a massive summit cairn. A very popular landmark, the route is easy to follow and reasonably gentle.

Tinto Hill is on the A73 between Lanark and Biggar. At Fallburn, there is a car park and your walk begins there. It takes about 2 to 4 hours to go up and down to the summit depending on your fitness.

what's a good hill to climb in South Lanarkshire?

Hike up Tinto Hill - a great hill for hikes with scenic views from the top with a wonderful cairn.

This hike offers some great views of the area when the weather is good. This is a great training route for those who are looking to climb Munros in the near future. While this hill may be smaller, the loose gravel and scree near the top makes for very uneasy walking, so take great care with footing here. The exposed summit can also be be very cold with a strong wind so come prepared with layers even on a warm day. There are also historic points of interest on this trail including a hillfort near the start.

  • Length: 6.9 km
  • Elevation gain: 472 m
  • Open 24hrs but it’s recommended that you go during the day for safety reasons

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