Coastal Mountain Biking in Dalbeattie

Mountain bikers from all over the world come to test themselves on the famous granite slabs at Dalbeattie, are you up to the challenge? Dalbeattie is a classic location with a number of different trails and technical features to get stuck into. There is a series of accessible green, blue and red trails as well as a number of off-line challenges and extreme sections with great views of the coast. Nearby Dalbeattie town offers plenty of opportunity to eat and drink as well as public toilets.

Where can I find mountain biking in Dumfries and Galloway?

Dalbeattie is one of Scotland's best mountain biking spots, with technical downhill riding and famously tricky stone slabs.

Get your helmet on and test your mettle at Dalbeattie! Ironhash, Moyle Hill and Hardrock are the classic trails but plenty of others have been sculped by the local mountain biking community to help fill out your day.

Mountain Biking Tips

The trails at Dalbeattie are notoriously challenging, so here are some tips to prepare you:

  • When you’re riding over tough terrain, make sure to keep your body loose, to allow your bike to roll over it. When riding over a rock or a hill, for example, lift up your backside and keep your arms and legs extended out.
  • Keep your eyes forward – if you see a rock, or any other obstacle that you wouldn’t want to crash into, then don’t stare at it. Keep your eyes down the trail and try to rely on your peripheral vision to avoid them.
  • At first, don’t try to explode your way up steep terrain and hills. Ease into the ascent at your own pace, picking up speed if you feel like you’re able.
  • Green, blue, red and orange mountain biking trails
  • Wheelchair access into the surrounding woodland
  • Viewpoints along the coast
  • Parking is £3 for the day
  • Check out the video below for a preview of the red trail!

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