Get ready to get up close and personal with incredible birds at this fantastic falconry experience in Surrey!

Where can I try Falconry in Surrey?

Located South of the Surrey Hills, Go Falconry is the perfect place to start - they are placed on a magnificent farm site, just east of Dorking.

Are you ready for a memorable day out? For the ultimate falconry experience, visit Go Falconry, nestled in the centre of the wonderful Surrey countryside! Whether you want to get close to a majestic eagle or a cute owl, at Go Falconry, you will learn everything you need to know about these breathtaking creatures. Guided by a qualified instructor, you will get the chance to interact with the masters of the sky like never before, watching them glide through the sky above, as well as trying your hand at handling them yourself.

Falconry Origins

Did you know that falconry is one of the oldest hobbies on the planet? It is believed that the practice has its origins either in Mesopotamia, the middle east or in western Mongolia – this dates all the way back to 2000 BC, a whopping 2000 years before Rome was even an empire! First thought to have originated as a way of hunting for food, it went on to become a noble pursuit practised by royal figures across the world.


Choose between 60-minute falconry, half-day or a full-day experience. 60 minutes is perfect for all ages and is a great introduction to the exhilarating activity of falconry. If you want to learn even more about falconry techniques, join a full-day experience, lasting 5.5 hours, where you will get the chance to meet the different species of birds, handle them and fly them. You will then have time for a local lunch to ask the instructors any questions you have, and end the day by flying even more birds!

  • 60 minutes- from £39pp
  • Half-day handling- from £80pp
  • Full day handling- from £140pp

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