If you are a talented player or brand new to the game, no need to worry as all experience is made redundant with Goggle Football! Located at Bubble Soccer Scotland in Glasgow, this take on the sport involves players wearing beer goggles before and during the game! For a day full of laughs, Goggle Football has got you covered!

What does Goggle Football in Glasgow involve?

Goggle Football at Bubble Soccer Scotland in Glasgow consists of all players on the pitch of a 5-a-side game wearing uniquely designed goggles made to impair players' vision. The goggles provide an illusion that the ball is nowhere near where you think it actually is, making it seem further away from you or closer to you than it may seem.

As well as using the goggles for 5-a-side football, there are also a variety of different games and activities to try and navigate with impaired vision! Some of these include Running Races (players work in teams to race around different circuits), Keep Ball (Players make a ring around 2 defenders and must try and pass the ball around the circle without giving the ball away), Penalty Shootout, Crossbar Challenge, and a Passing and Shooting Competition!

Goggle Football sessions are jam-packed with action from the second you step onto the pitch until you finish. The hosts aim to deliver the best possible experience for their guests and will tailor them to suit any guest’s requirements.

  • 1-Hour Goggle Football £17 per adult & £160 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)
  • 90 Minute Goggle Football £20 per adult & £230 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)
  • 2-Hour Goggle Football £23 per adult & £290 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)
  • Megamix (1 hour of 2 separate activities) £35 per adult & £300 per group of 15 kids (aged 8-15)


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