Welcome to EveryMan Motor Racing, the ultimate destination for speed enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies located in the heart of Loughborough, Central England. Nestled within the vibrant Midlands, this premier racing venue offers an unparalleled experience for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro behind the wheel or a first-time racer eager to feel the thrill of high-speed competition, EveryMan Motor Racing promises an unforgettable adventure.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be immersed in a world of roaring engines, sleek racing cars, and the unmistakable scent of burning rubber. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts an impressive selection of vehicles ranging from high-performance supercars to rugged off-road beasts. With expert instructors ready to guide you every step of the way, you’ll have everything you need to unleash your inner speed demon safely and confidently.

What makes EveryMan Motor Racing stand out among other motor racing experiences?

EveryMan Motor Racing distinguishes itself through its diverse selection of high-performance vehicles ranging from supercars to off-road vehicles; expertly designed track that challenges drivers; personalized experiences catering to all ages and skill levels; emphasis on safety with professional guidance; convenient location in Central England; plus additional services like professional photography.

EveryMan Motor Racing is not just about getting behind the wheel; it’s about experiencing motorsport in its purest form. Our track has been meticulously designed to challenge drivers with tight corners, exhilarating straights, and dynamic elevation changes. Whether you’re navigating our circuit in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or tackling rough terrain in a 4×4 off-roader, each lap is an opportunity to test your skills and push your limits.

But there’s more to EveryMan Motor Racing than just racing. We offer a range of experiences tailored to suit every taste and budget. From junior driving experiences that allow young enthusiasts to get their first taste of motorsport to luxury supercar drives that let you live out your dream of piloting some of the world’s most exclusive vehicles, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with our professional photography service, you can capture every moment of your racing glory.

Safety is our top priority at EveryMan Motor Racing. Our team comprises experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring that every guest has a safe and enjoyable time on our track. All participants receive comprehensive safety briefings and are equipped with top-of-the-line gear before hitting the track. Rest assured; we go above and beyond to maintain strict safety standards without compromising on fun or excitement.

Located conveniently in Loughborough, Central England, EveryMan Motor Racing is easily accessible from anywhere in the Midlands and beyond. With ample parking available on-site and a range of local amenities nearby, planning your visit couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating day out with friends or family or seeking a unique corporate event that will leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike, EveryMan Motor Racing delivers an exceptional experience from start to finish.


  • Diverse selection of high-performance vehicles
  • Expertly designed challenging track
  • Personalized experiences for all ages
  • Professional guidance emphasizing safety
  • Convenient location in Central England
  • Additional services like professional photography

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