If you’re looking for something to do outdoors in Leicestershire, then look no further than the home of Sir David Attenborough’s childhood adventures! Charnwood forest, which covers a whopping 67 square miles area, is home to an array of stunning landscapes and 580 million years of history! You’ll find all kinds of wildlife, plants and historic sites that makes for the perfect getaway from the city.

Where can I go walking in Leicestershire?

There's no better place to escape the city than Charnwood Forest, one of the UK's vastest park landscapes. Climb hills, explore lush forests, see wildlife and admire historical landmarks in Leicestershire's best green space.

The Charnwood forest site is so large that you’d probably need a few days to explore it all. Head to Bradgate park, home to over 800 acres of beautiful countryside space and a 550 strong deer herd! The wild and rugged landscape, with it’s ancient oak trees, offer dramatic views that you won’t find anywhere else. Wander the Smithland woods, known as one of best remaining native woodlands in the Leicestershire. It supports a rich variety of wildlife, and the traditional wildflower meadows carpet the ground with stunning bluebells.

Don’t forget to look for buzzards swooping overhead, or try to the massive herons at Groby Pool. Cropston reservoir’s attract water birds too, with charming duck species like the great-crested grebe floating along the lakes. You may even spot the incredible osprey competing with local fisherman! Head east towards Beacon Hill, the site of a Bronze Age fort and one of the highest points in Leicestershire at 245m, believed up to be 3000 years old! In fact, Charnwood was where the oldest fossilised evidence of our ancestors was discovered, with some of the oldest rocks in England! Head west to Coalville and book a tour Stoneywell cottage, the home of Ernest Gibson, one of the most influential figures in British Art.

The choices are endless at Charnwood forest, making for a fantastic family-day out or an excellent activity for anyone looking to get outdoors.

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