Have you always wanted to experience what it’d be like doing your own cirque show? Well if your answer is yes then come around to Spinal Chord in Glasgow and have lessons in multiple circus-based acts like; silks, trapeze and aerial classes. They also cater to every age group so that anyone who is at least 5 years old is able to take part in some kind of class so why not bring the whole family down and try it out together? If you do not wish to participate but still love this type of performance do not worry as they also put on shows as well so be sure to check the calendar to see when the nearest one is!


Each Lesson lasts roughly 1 hour but is sure to double check on your specific lesson and sometimes will have to book multiple lessons in one such as the Eezee Trapeze class which you book five sessions for at once but it only costs £65 for all those lessons. Different Lessons take place at different points in the week so be sure to make sure you will be available for your choice. This is such a great idea for you to do something unique, have fun and learn a new skill all at once!

  • Variety of classes on offer
  • Teaches anyone 5 and upwards
  • In a safe and fun environment to learn

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