Ice Climbing in Kinlochleven

Looking for a chilling experience? Well, why not indoor ice climbing at Kinlochleven! With over 500 tonnes of real snow and an ice-wall 12 metres high, this location has one of the best facilities for ice climbing in the world!

Where can I try ice climbing in Scotland?

Learning to ice climb at Ice Factor, Kinlochleven will allow you to experience what it feels like climbing up real ice and snow - just like people do in the Himalayas, without breaking your bank account.

At Ice Factor they facilitate people of all experiences, from beginners to experts, providing expert teaching as well as two-hour non-instructed sessions. With different walls and routes to suit different skill levels, this is the perfect place to get to grips with this exhilarating and unique climbing activity!

Ice Climbing Tips

  • Body position is important  – keep your hands close together and your legs wide apart, forming a sort of A shape with your body.
  • As you’re moving up the ice, put your weight on your straight arms and move your knees up, kicking into the ice until you’ve moved into a crouching position. Then, straighten up, find a new placement to move to, and repeat.
  • The power of your swing should come from drawing back your elbow, slightly rotating your body and then flicking your wrist – the swing should be like a quick snapping motion.

Ice Factor is one of the biggest indoor ice climbing walls in the world and the National Ice Climbing Centre. The indoor facility features different routes for novice and expert climbers. There is also a café in the building so it’s a prime spot for a brilliant day out and a great activity to add to your Stack.

  • Lessons cost £49 per person and £27.50 for a two-hour non-instructed session
  • Equipment provided for all instructed sessions and available for hire for non-instructed sessions.
  • Ice Factor does not provide any clothing, please bring appropriate clothing.
  • The use of gloves is mandatory for the ice wall.
  • Minimum age of 12 years and height requirement of 4 feet

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