Photo by: Darren Coleshill

43 fun things to do in Brighton

Known for its rich culture, bustling nightlife and grand architecture, Brighton is one of England’s favourite coastal cities. Whether you’re a lover of history, watersports or just a night out – this seaside spot is the place to be!

It wouldn’t be a trip to Brighton without a visit to the beach. Explore the seaside fun at Brighton Palace Pier where you will find everything from food and drink to a giant fairground! You can even experience breathtaking bird’s eye views of the coastline and beyond on the British Airways Tower Top climb.

Admire the opulent Royal palace pavilion as you wander around the palace gardens taking in the rich history of the British Monarchs who once lived there. Or, take a guided tour around the city to learn even more about the history, culture and the best places to go!

Wander through The Lanes; home to shopping boutiques, restaurants, comedy clubs and pubs offering food and nightlife options for all tastes. And if you’re brave enough go on the guided ghost walk of the Lanes to see the spooky side of the city.