Rainbow Bubble Tea – Enjoy some Boba in Waverly Mall!

Where can we go to drink Boba in Edinburgh?

Visit Rainbow Bubble Tea in Waverly Mall
Boba is a wholly unique form of tea and it can be served with either fruit tea or milk tea and is famous for having tapioca balls of varying flavours at the bottom of it. At Rainbow Bubble Tea they offer many special flavours of tea. They do milk teas that taste of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla to name a few but they also do fruit teas that taste of such things as mango, dragon fruit, kiwi and more!
If you’re looking to make a weekend of it, Edinburgh is the perfect location. Already being centralised in the heart of Edinburgh, make sure to visit places such as the Edinburgh Castle or depending on time of year the Christmas Market!
  • They create drinks to suit general tastes but you can customise yours in many ways
  • Bubble Tea tastes best ice cold but can be served warm on request
  • The creamer in their milk teas can be replaced with either soya, coconut or fresh milk

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