St Cuthbert’s Cave in Northumberland

Calling all adventurers! If you are visiting the Northumberland area and looking for somewhere to explore, St Cuthbert’s cave is full of wonder and mysteries for visitors to uncover. Come along and explore the last resting of the famous St Cuthbert, who was believed to possess the spiritual power of healing. For a spiritual journey of exploration, come along and visit this treasured cave!

Why should I pay a visit to St Cuthbert's Cave in Northumberland?

St Cuthbert's Cave is rumoured to be full of mystery due to its spiritual history! Believed to be the resting place of Saint Cuthbert, this cave is full of heritage and definitely worth paying a visit to investigate for yourself!

St Cuthbert’s Cave, known to locals of the area as Cuddy’s Cave, is a scenic overhanging outcrop of Sandstone, supported by isolated pillars of stone! The cave used to be used as a lambing pen in the middle 19th century and was sealed off by a stone wall. Today, it is preserved by The National Trust and open for visitors from all over the country to explore!

Located in the remote countryside of Belford, it is said that the ancient monks of Lindisfarne took St Cuthbert to this Cave to lay him to rest back in 875AD!

Formerly owned by the Leather family, the area used to be used as a burial place for the family, becoming consecrated in 1936. Visitors of the cave can find memorials and tributes to the members of the family on the isolated sandstone outcrops of the cave. In 1981, ownership of the Cave and the surrounding woodland was passed on to The National Trust, who still manage the area to this day!

  • Open all year round for visitors to enjoy
  • No admission fee is required to enter the cave
  • Sensible clothing and footwear are recommended to accommodate the cave’s terrain

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