Scenic cliff side Café in North Berwick – Drift Café

Drift Cafe is a cliff side cafe that is one of the most scenic places to visit in North Berwick. It’s stunning views are unmatched, it’s cakes and coffees are sublime and it’s unique architecture is artistic and rustic.

Inside the Café is a massive glass window overlooking the ocean so even if it’s bad weather you’re still going to be enjoying the amazing scenery of North Berwick

Are there any unique cafes in North Berwick?

Visit Drift Café, a café like no other that has a direct view of the sea and Tantallon Castle

Outside the seating is made of old wooden shipping containers and has a real rustic vibe. The seating looks over Canty bay a beautiful beach that you can walk down to if you please. From the other side of the café you also get a great view of Tantallon Castle.

  • Open 9.30 – 4pm
  • Stunning cliffside café with amazing views
  • vegetarian options are available

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