The Commando Memorial in the Scottish Highlands

Located in the stunning Lochaber region of the Scottish Highlands, the Commando Memorial stands as a poignant tribute to the men of the original British Commando Forces raised during World War II. This impressive monument not only commemorates the valor and sacrifice of these elite soldiers but also offers visitors breathtaking views of Ben Nevis and Aonach Mòr, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

A Brief History

The Commando Memorial was unveiled in 1952 to honor the commandos who trained in the Lochaber area from 1942 onwards. The area’s rugged terrain was deemed perfect for their rigorous training. The memorial itself features a bronze statue of three commandos in typical World War II attire, looking out over the landscape they once trained upon. It serves as a reminder of their courage, dedication, and the sacrifices made during the war.

Why was Lochaber chosen as the training ground for World War II commandos?

Lochaber's rugged terrain provided ideal conditions for rigorous commando training exercises designed to prepare them for operations behind enemy lines.

Visiting the Commando Memorial

Visitors to the Commando Memorial will find it easily accessible by road, located just a short distance from Spean Bridge. There is no admission fee, making it an accessible attraction for all. The site includes parking facilities and is open year-round, allowing visitors to experience its solemn beauty across all seasons. Whether shrouded in mist or basking in sunlight, the memorial offers a powerful experience.

What to See and Do

Beyond paying respects at the memorial itself, visitors can explore several key areas around it:

  • The Garden of Remembrance: Surrounding the statue is a beautifully maintained garden where individual plaques commemorate fallen commandos.
  • The Viewing Platform: Offers panoramic views of the surrounding Highlands, including Ben Nevis.
  • The Visitor Centre: Although small, it provides insightful information about the commandos’ history and their training in Lochaber.

For those interested in further exploration, numerous hiking trails start near the memorial site. These trails offer varying levels of difficulty and provide an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the stunning natural beauty that once served as a training ground for these elite forces.

Events and Ceremonies

The Commando Memorial is not only a place for quiet reflection but also hosts several annual events that pay homage to past and present military forces. Notably:

  • Remembrance Sunday: A significant ceremony attended by veterans, current military personnel, and families to remember those who have served.
  • Commando Gathering: Occasionally held by commando associations, bringing together former commandos and their families for commemoration activities.

These events offer visitors a unique opportunity to witness traditional military ceremonies against a backdrop of profound historical significance.


  • Spectacular location with views of Ben Nevis
  • No admission fee; open year-round
  • Garden of Remembrance with individual plaques
  • Panoramic viewing platform overlooking Highland landscapes
  • Visitor centre with informative displays on commando history
  • Numerous hiking trails around memorial site
  • Hosts significant events like Remembrance Sunday ceremonies

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