Escape Rooms in Dunfermline

Go Escape in Dunfermline is a world war 2 themed escape room where you will put yourself in the shoes of Tommy Angus and his family who are trying to flee from a air raid. The way it works is that you and your team will be locked in a room for 60 minutes with no other choice but to use all the clues around and put them together which will finally lead to a route out of there, if you and your team are really struggling there is a team leader always on hand to provide small clues and hints to put you back on track.


Why go to Go escape in Dunfermline?`

There are many reasons to go to the escape rooms in Dunfermline, it is great for fun days out or even team bonding, there are more than one rooms available so you could even book them all.


Go escape in Dunfermline has been around for more than 5 years creating a brilliant impression in the community for being the best escape room in the town. There are 2 escape rooms to choose from all with a 60 minute timer to escape with a 3rd room in the making. All rooms have a 60 minute timer and all have there own theme to make it an even more thrilling experience.

  • Tickets will start at 24 pounds per player
  • Booking before is advised
  • Ensure 1 hour and 45 minutes free time as you will go through a briefing before hand

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